let's celebrate our 130 years

Discover our cult skincares

Let's celebrate our 130 years!

Since 1890, we put science inside your beauty.

130 years of made in france expertise in cosmetics which came from a long family inheritance between creation and innovation to allow women to find the perfect beauty routine.

Discover the story of our most emblematic skincares!

Princess Cream n°83

In 1890, Docteur Alexandre Lamotte creates skincares with new textures. Among them : the Princess Cream n°83!

    Princess Cream N°83 50 ml opaline jar
    129,00 €

  • Eternal Youth Cream n°260

    Later, in 1920 a new vintage skincare is created : the Eternal Youth Cream n°260.

    Eternal Youth Cream n°260 Jar 50 ml
    99,00 €

  • Marvelous Formula

    After years of research & development, the Marvelous Formula is created in 2012 with 57 active ingredients!

    Marvelous Formula Bottle with pump 30 ml
    108,00 €

  • Nourishing Cream Sève Miracle

    Launched for the first time in 1969, the astonishing name of this skincare shows true results!

    Nourishing Cream Sève Miracle Jar 50 ml
    50,00 €


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