Cheekbones: To me the doll face!

Have some beautiful cheekbones , it is synonymous with youth and good health. And all means are good to achieve it! Blush, care or cream, we tell you everything to have a doll's face and make a splash!

Where does the myth of beautiful cheekbones come from?

Having beautiful cheekbones is a story of genetic endowment . Those who are naturally spoiled are the Russians and the Asians. With their cheekbones perched high on the face, they have looking good all year.

Unfortunately, the cheekbones are made of bone and in aesthetics, it is impossible to enhance them. However, by toning the tissue of the cheeks and with the appropriate make-up and care, it is possible to act on sagging quite naturally.

Tips for highlighting your cheekbones

We all agree on that! Having beautiful cheekbones is one of the signs of beauty par excellence!

Our tip

To mark your cheekbones and make them naturally prominent, the essential is blush. By putting pink or warm colors, you will give pep to your face.

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