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Age Perfection Box

Total Restructuring Care: The skin is visibly younger-looking.

Morning and/or evening, apply with light massage on a clean skin.

3D Lip Perfector: Used daily, the 3D shaping technology combined with shea butter makes the lips softer and fuller leaving them smoothed and visibly plumped; their contour is redefined. Lipstick application is easier.

Apply directly / or with fingertips on to the lips at any time of the day, use alone or under lipstick. Can also be used to regenerate nail contours.

    Age Perfection Box Jar 50 ml Gift: tube 15 ml
    107,00 €

  • Peel & Fill Box

    Restorative Exfoliating Night Cream:It recovers radiance, softness and luminosity and is visibly younger-looking.

    Evening, on a cleansed skin, apply with light massage movements over face and neck.

    Instant Deep Line Filler:Leaves the skin smoother. Face features are softened.

    Apply locally with light massage movements on the concerned area after applying your daily skincare product. Can be used alone as well on the whole face before make-up.

    Peel & Fill Box Jar 50 ml Gift: tube 10 ml
    65,00 €

  • Flash Radiance Box

    Radiance Aqua Balm:The skin looks dynamized, more radiant; the complexion is even.

    Morning and/or evening, on a cleansed skin, apply with light massages to the face, neck and décolleté.

    Clarifying Velvet Cream:Gently cleanses and unclogs the pores without irritating the skin.

    Dab into face, neck and décolleté. Massage until the cream thickens and turns white. Rinse several times if necessary.

    Flash Radiance Box Radiance Aqua Balm: 50 ml tube Clarifying Velvet Cream: 50 ml tube
    36,00 €

  • Eternal Youth Cream n°260

    The skin looks firmer and toned, lines are reduced.Day after day the skin is more beautiful and radiant with youth.

    Morning and/or evening, on a cleansed skin, apply with light massages to the face, neck and décolleté.

    Eternal Youth Cream n° 260 Jar 50 ml
    139,00 €

  • Princess Cream n°83

    Everyday, deep and fine lines are smoothed; the skin is firmer and hydrated. It recovers the original radiance of youth.

    Morning and / or evening, apply to cleansed face and neck area with light massage movements.

    Princess Cream N°83 50 ml opaline jar
    129,00 €

  • Travel Kit Beauty On the Go Derm Acte

    Thanks to this beauty rituel, boost the natural beauty of your skin.

    A beauty essential, the Micellar Cleansing Water softly cleanses and removes make-up. Then our gorgeous-skin duo enters the game: the Intense Age Recovery Cream intensely restructures and tones the skin while bringing it comfort when the Restorative Exfoliating Night Cream smoothes and exfoliates it while you are asleep.

    Travel Kit Beauty On The Go Derm Acte 2 x 15 ml tubes 1 x 50 ml bottle
    Out of stock

  • Multi-Masking Box

    Multi-Masking is THE smart beauty tip to save time in your beauty routine. Thanks to our Multi-Masking Box you are going to be able to offer your skin a tailor-made treatment without leaving your bathroom! The concept is attractive and easy: you just need to select your masks and apply each of them at the same time to the different areas of the face depending on your skin’s needs. Leave on 15 minutes.

    Multi-Masking Box 4 x 20 ml tube
    Out of stock

  • The Lime-Blossom Mask will help you treat redness, the Purifying one will get rid of excess sebum when the Apricot Mask will bring instant radiance to your skiin and the Honey one will give it intense moisture.


    Thanks to our Multi-Masking box, flawless skin is yours! This tailor-made beauty ritual will help you purify and matify the T zone while deeply hydrating the other areas of your face leaving you with a luminous complexion. Now, you are ready for the perfect selfie!


    Treat your skin to a cocooning pause with our Multi-Masking box. Hydrated, soothed and refreshed, the skin is radiant again. Relax and enjoy this special moment just for you.


    Tightness, redness and cutaneous imperfections are ruining your life? Here is our Multi-Masking ritual to pamper your distressed skin. Mix, relax and smile!


    multi-masking tip to wake the skin up

    Forget about the morning dull complexion with our Multi-Masking solution that smoothes and banishes the signs of fatigue. A 100% radiance ritual!

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