Night Infusion Rose Cream

When night is a new area of action!

Sleep is essential for our body to recover, for our soul to disconnect and our skin to protect from passing time. Our cells activate during the night. To gently enter this regenerating phase, the texture of a night cream must provide extreme comfort and allows our sleepy cells to awaken in the morning. Did you now that during the night, the skin is more receptive to actives, cells renewal is 3 times more important than the usual and hydration rate decreases? That is why we created Night Infusion Rose Cream, an Aromathérapie cream to optimize the nocturnal skin activity.

The secrets of the Night Infusion Rose Cream

At the heart of the formula there is a remarkable complex (Rose de Mai, Mimosa, Beech Bud, Peach, Blackcurrant Bud, Cypress) mixed with the restorative properties of nourishing oils of natural origin.

The innovative hybrid texture is a melting cream that turns into an enveloping oil and provides the skin with intense nutrition during the night. The oil sensorial power is “under control” with a totally different finish on the skin. Overnight, the cream diffuses a delightful rose fragrance that favours letting go, well-being and even sweet dreams.

So do not wait anymore, get a real beauty sleep!