Pollution won’t resist !

The consequences of pollution on your skin

Pollution not only damages health, it also damages skin which is in contact with air and household pollutants on a daily basis. Exhaust gases, industrial smoke, tobacco, air conditioning, household products and ozone suffocate it and it becomes dull. The skin is weakened and no longer capable of rebuilding its barrier function. Dehydrated it loses its radiance. Dark spots and lines develop faster.

The consequences of pollution on your hair

Pollution particles oxidize lipids that are the main constituents of the hair structure (inter scale cement). As a result, pollution leaves the hair dry and brittle. It loses its shininess and carries a bad smell.

A new beauty habit to protect you from pollution

Académie Scientifique de Beauté has developed Stop Pollution, the first moisturizing mist that protects your skin and your hair from pollution. Soothing and hydrating, it forms an imperceptible shield which protects the skin from air and household pollutants while also fighting free radicals. Used after your day skincare, Stop Pollution helps fixing make-up.