The group

For more than a century, Académie Groupe has put its experience at the service of beauty. A family business, heir to a long tradition of excellence and very attached to 100% French production, the soul of the brand has been passed down from generation to generation.

The family legacy

Since the beginning of the adventure, the group has remained in the family, which makes our group the oldest independent family group in France. Today, at our head is Laurence Therme, granddaughter of Georges Gay. She is supported by Christophe Therme, Managing Director and International Sales Director. A few years ago, their children, Cyrille Therme and Jennifer Weinfeld joined the adventure with respective functions in export and marketing. The family spirit is, day after day, seen as a quality used to improve and guarantee the transmission of such a heritage.

We have always attached enormous importance to our independence, having always owned our research and development laboratories, in order to control all of our production, from the idea to the marketing of our products.

Since 2013, we have expanded by inaugurating a brand new factory, 15 km from Paris, with an area of ​​more than 9,000m² allowing us to ensure and guarantee the application of the highest cosmetic production standards.

the art of care since 1890

Our story begins in 1890 with the founding of the first French cosmetic care brand: L'Académie Scientifique de Beauté. In his laboratory, Dr. Alexandre Lamotte creates a complete range of treatments for the maintenance of feminine beauty, ranging from face creams to hair products, and including products for the lips, tint and nails. We will note a few names of emblematic products such as the famous "Princesse des Crèmes" or the "Poudre de Riz Premier Empire" via the "Rubis Pompadour", real little cosmetic gems.

In 1895, Dr. Lamotte established the first French beauty institute, at an emblematic address in the golden triangle, at the intersection of rue Cambon and rue St-Honoré.

It was in 1926 that Dr. Lamotte transmitted his know-how and expertise to his spiritual son, Georges Gay, and entrusted him with the management of Académie Scientifique de Beauté.. Georges Gay then breathed a wind of renewal, creativity and dynamism, going so far as to create in 1928 the very first school of aesthetics in France on the floors overlooking the beauty institute at 376 rue St Honoré. The idea was to train beauticians to carry out a skin diagnosis and to prescribe the appropriate products. The School of Aesthetics will become one of the best in France and students holding a diploma from the “Académie” will be among the most sought after.

The Académie Groupe creates, formulates, manufactures and distributes beauty products through three brands .

Use only top quality products.
Have only elite technicians.

George Gay,

Director of the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté between 1926 and 1953.

Our history

1890 - The Creation

The Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté was founded by Dr. Alexandre Lamotte. For more than a century, it has put its experience at the service of beauty. From the famous "Princess of Creams" or the "Princess of Powders" to the
“Rubis Pompadour”, the House has amazed the whole world since its creation.

1895 - First Beauty Institute

Like all the great Houses, the “Académie” has its Beauty Institute located in the most elegant district of Paris at 376, rue Saint Honoré. This Institute has acquired a reputation for seriousness and competence that is not usurped, because of the enlightened care that is provided there.

1895 - High Rewards

The universally recognized successes of the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté were the subject of high awards at the Exhibitions in Dublin in 1895, in Paris in 1897, 1898 and 1900 and then in London in 1909.

1920 - The First Beauty Massages

Académie Scientifique de Beauté is developing an edition on the art of caring for female beauty. This book brings together the different beauty massages (manual massages, vibration massage, induction massage, pneumatic massage, etc.) offered by the brand's professionals.

1926 - Transmission

Georges Gay, pharmacist and spiritual son of Alexandre Lamotte, takes over the management of the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté. Since then, the soul of the brand has been passed down from generation to generation.

1928 - First School of Aesthetics

Georges Gay creates and inaugurates the first French school of aesthetics located at 376, rue Saint Honoré in Paris with the aim of transmitting his knowledge,
train beauticians to carry out a skin diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate products. The School of Aesthetics will become one of the best in Paris and students holding a diploma from the "Academy" will be among the most sought after.

1929 - Literary Works

Georges Gay established a veritable cult of beauty associated with a scientific approach. He then publishes
“On the Cult of Beauty”, “Hygiene and Beauty” then “Precious Advice on Beauty”. He distils there his wise advice according to the age and the nature of the epidermis. Its only claim: "Use only first choice products, have only elite technicians."

1930 - Media Rise

In the June 1930 issue of Vogue magazine, the advertisement for the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté, in an attractive and suggestive style, lists three different treatments with their prices, according to skin types, which at the time was a innovation.

1931 - The Gold Medal

Académie Scientifique de Beauté participates in the International Colonial Exhibition in Paris which welcomed 8 million visitors (33 million tickets sold) and lasted 6 months. Its stand, built in the style of the Angkor Palace, was awarded the Gold Medal by the Governor General who praised the artistic taste and maintenance of this magnificent pavilion.

1933 - Stars of theater and cinema

The most prominent women, such as the famous French actresses, Michèle Morgan, Marie Bell, Sim Viva or Marie Glory, quickly adopted
Academy. “Golden Books” testifying to the loyalty of these stars to the Académie Scientifique de Beauté have also been published.

1934 - Living Hormones at the Service of Beauty

After an in-depth study of the work of scientists Brown Sequard and Voronof, Georges Gay created the "Vivormones", ampoules containing
living hormones allowing the regeneration of the skin by cutaneous application (first cosmetic preparation of this type to see the light of day). It develops
also the "Hormonyl" cream to be applied later for better efficiency.

1936 - First World Patent

A great year for global cosmetics and a fortiori for the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté. For the first time in history, collagen is integrated into the formula of a skincare cream. A discovery that hit the headlines at the time and will be the subject of a worldwide patent for one year. The pioneering laboratory spirit of cosmetics is launched.

1949 - The Taming of the Sun

Launch of the first sunscreen product, the “Bronzscreen Anti-Sunscreen Cream” followed by the “Bronzscreen Anti-Sunscreen Fluid” which protects the skin as much as possible while allowing and facilitating its natural pigmentation in the sun.

1952 - First Treatment and Moisturizing Foundation

Launch of the "Cover Cream", with different shades for a real care foundation that does not dry out the skin, unlike the "pancakes" then very widespread. It is particularly suitable for young people because, very covering, it conceals all the small imperfections of the skin (traces of scars, diffuse redness, dilated pores, small pimples...).

1953 - The Dynamism of a Great Brand

Gérard Gay, pharmacist and son of Georges Gay, takes over the reins of the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté. He leads a policy of renewal and dynamism that will classify the brand among the great Houses of Beauty Products.

1954 - Hydraderm

Launch of the famous “Hydraderm Cream”. A modern name for the time that speaks for itself

1960 - The World's First Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion

A cult product and brand leader, the “Tinted Bronz'Express Lotion” owes its success to its unique formula, which has remained unchanged since its creation. It's here
first water that tans and provides in a few hours a tan identical to that of the sun. Thanks to its tinted color, it allows you to obtain a tan
natural and streak-free. Even today, a lotion is sold every minute in the world.

1969 - The First Treatment for Ultra-Sensitive Skin

Launch of the Hypo-Allergic line, which at the time was the only beauty treatment for ultra-sensitive skin sold in perfumery capable of
keep all his promises. At the heart of the different formulas, the hypo-allergic active ingredient which has desensitizing, soothing and
anti-inflammatory. One of these products is the “Miracle Sap” containing for the first time RNA (ribonucleic acid) which makes it possible to delay the appearance of wrinkles and to revitalize the epidermis. It is still to this day one of the best-selling references in our catalog. Just like the first collagen product, the “Sève Miracle” was patented (Patent n°6-924-981).

1973 - A Family Continuity

On the premature death of Gérard Gay, Emma, ​​his wife, took over the management of the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté, his children being minors. It guarantees the soul and the pioneering spirit of the brand. It will also be the first to include jojoba oil in formulations, henceforth known to all for its most extraordinary properties in the plant world.

1981 - Through the Generations

Laurence, daughter of Gérard Gay, joins the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté and takes over the purchasing department. A few years later, the arrival of her husband, Christophe Therme, solidified the international development of the brand, which is now present in 67 countries.

1988 - Beauty Power 4

In keeping with its modern and pioneering image, Académie is launching a revolutionary concept, the “Beauty Quadrant”, four products united in a jar
cleverly divided into four equal parts. Four compatible, complementary, essential and effective treatments to fight against the visible signs of aging.

1993 - Anti-Aging Performance

This year marks the launch of a high-tech anti-ageing range that bears its name well: “Scientific System”. The Laboratoires Académie have made it a point of honor to reveal all their art through this true jewel of formulation. These products are the most highly concentrated in active ingredients on the market; the results are amazing. Success is on the way.

2000 - The Quintessence of Hydration

From the “Hydraderm Cream” comes the “100% Hydraderm” range which acts on the skin in 3 stages: immediate hydration, long-lasting and anti-dehydration. Always a pioneer, Académie is the first to replace the water contained in each formula in this range with 100% natural water: Original Apple Water, which has an astonishing affinity with the skin.

2006 - 100% Male Response

After the launch of the first beauty cream for men against razor burn in the 1930s, Académie Scientifique de Beauté developed a 100% masculine line: “Académie Men”. 2-in-1 products for men who want to take care of their skin.

2008 - First Subsidiary

Creation of the first subsidiary in Germany. Académie proves its distribution dynamism in one of the largest cosmetic markets in Europe.

2009 - Expert Dermo-Cosmetic Treatments

Launch of the “Derm Acte” range, the meeting of two worlds: dermatology and cosmetology. Each product is formulated from an overpowering active ingredient, recognized in the medical world (hyaluronic acid, native collagen, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, etc.), to achieve results and effectiveness on the skin.

2011 - The 4th generation

Cyrille Therme and Jennifer Weinfeld, great-grandchildren of Georges Gay, join the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté as Export Area Manager and Strategic Marketing Manager.

2012 - A Scientific Prowess

After several years of research and development, Laboratoires Académie have developed a “new generation” anti-aging serum: the “Marvelous Formula”. His secret? A scientific feat: a truly unique cocktail of 57 active ingredients for a concentration of 41.7%! A cosmetic revolution that will truly transform the skin for an exceptional result.

2013 - New Factory and New Laboratories

The acceleration of its development allows Académie to invest in a new state-of-the-art production tool and to comply with the highest quality standard: the ISO 22 716 standard. This certification guarantees the good practice of manufacturing standards. .

2015 - 125th anniversary

A first limited edition for the 125th anniversary of the Maison Académie Scientifique de Beauté. Reissue of the "Princess of Creams", an emblematic treatment that bears witness to the history of an exceptional, rare and authentic family brand through the years, decades and centuries...

2019 - Reformulation of our ranges

Transparent and concerned with getting ever closer to 100% natural without ever sacrificing efficiency or sensoriality, Académie Scientifique de Beauté reformulates its natural ranges by favoring clean formulas, accessible to sensitive skin and guarantees bottles, tubes, pots and cardboard boxes that are recyclable and sourced FSC (zero deforestation).

2022 - Group Academy

Creation of the Group Academy, bringing together our 3 emblematic brands: Académie Scientifique de Beauté, Derm Acte and Bronz'Express.

Our international presence

Such a long history is remarkable, although difficult to trace exactly. Thus, we found traces of a presence in Moscow (Russia) from 1912, no later than February 2020, when we celebrated our 130th anniversary with our local partner who had found an exceptional document in the National Library of St. Petersburg. In 1934, we had already established depots and branches in most of the major European cities of the time, and our influence went as far as Tokyo, Santiago de Chile or Rio de Janeiro.

Today, we can be proud to be considered as an international group represented in more than sixty countries around the world.