3 Tips for a good exfoliation

1- Do it on damp, cleansed skin

For the exfoliation to be effective, it is necessary to remove makeup residues and moisten the skin, before starting to exfoliate it.

Little tip: use lukewarm water. It helps the product to melt more easily.

2- Have the right gestures

A good exfoliation is done according to the rules of the art. Apply it by making delicate circular movements, going from the inside to the outside of the face.

To remove dead cells, it is not necessary to press hard. Your face is fragile, you have to treat it gently.

3- Moisturize your skin well afterwards

Once the exfoliation of your skin is complete, it is essential to rinse your skin and moisturize it deeply. This is the key to a perfectly successful exfoliation.

Now you have all the cards in hand to succeed with your face scrub and regain a radiant complexion!

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