Discovering the benefits of vitamin C

As you probably know, vitamins are essential for our body. But do you know the benefits of vitamin C? Focus on this essential element for our body!

Vitamin C, what is it?

Also called ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin that our body loves!

The problem is that he is not able to synthesize it or store it. To stay healthy, it is therefore essential to consume daily , and not to have deficiencies.

Where do you find vitamin C?

It is present in many everyday foods, and mainly in fruits and vegetables . You will find it in large quantities in guavas (1 half cup = 200 mg), papayas (1 half = 95 mg), oranges (70 mg each), mangoes, strawberries (55 mg per half tray) or kiwi again. It is also hidden in peppers, broccoli (50 mg for a plate), vegetable juices (35 mg per half cup), cooked Brussels sprouts and cooked cauliflower!

Obviously, it's not about eating fruits and vegetables at every meal, but make sure you have the daily intake your body needs.

His role

But why is it so important to have the recommended nutritional intake? Well, vitamin C plays an essential role in our body.

Thanks to his antioxidant action , it effectively fights against cellular aging and prevents certain diseases, such as cancer or cardiovascular diseases. And that's not all ! It also helps our immune defenses to function properly.

If you are a smoker, eat more fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C will brighten your often greyish face.

In addition, it will prevent you from being tired, from catching small diseases that pass and from having pain everywhere! Not bad as an ally, right?

Products rich in vitamin C: perfect for skin radiance !

Vitamin C can also hide in care. And they work wonders on the skin. Hidden in cosmetics, she stimulates the synthesis of collagen , which will make your skin firmer and allow better elasticity. Big plus: like a magician, she is able to reduce the production of melanin, and therefore limit the appearance of brown spots .

Brightening Cleansing Gel

Rich in vitamin C and liquorice extract, this gel cleanses and removes impurities and makeup residue! Ideal against uneven skin tone and gray mine!

Perfect for deeply cleanse the skin and unify the complexion, this tonic lotion will reinforce the effects of the lightening cleansing gel.

Multivitamin Mask

It will become your new beauty ally! Rich in provitamin B5 and vitamins E, C and PP, this mask hydrates your skin while protecting it from premature aging and strengthening the defense system. This 3 in 1 is used once or twice a week on the face and neck. Leave it on for about twenty minutes and remove the excess with a tissue. And presto, voila!

Our tip

Vitamin C is the key to a healthy glow! For even more effects, don't forget to drink (lots of) water every day!

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