Help, I have brown spots: what should I do?

A brown spot, what is it?

Also called age spots , even if they are not necessarily due to age, brown spots can also point the tip of their nose following a strong exposure to the sun . The sole responsible for their appearance is the melanin ! A pigment present in the skin, which will protect us from UV rays and make us tan! It is thanks to her that we look good in summer and that we are all golden. The problem is that over time, the level of melanin decreases and brown spots will point the tip of their nose on your pretty face.

How to recognize them?

First of all, you should know that there are various kinds of spots on the face. Be careful, they must not be confused, to treat them correctly !

  • THE lentigo : they are round and quite clear. They can be present from birth or appear with age. They are due to repeated exposure to the sun! Nothing serious, but they must be checked by a dermatologist regularly!
  • THE freckles : also called ephelide, they are hereditary. But be careful, with the sun, they can be accentuated.
  • THE pregnancy mask : your skin looks like a mask and a few pigment spots are showing up? Nothing serious, it's just that your hormones are turned upside down because of pregnancy and you produce a little too much melanin. But don't worry, everything will go back to normal.

How to avoid brown spots?

If once they are there, it is very difficult to make them disappear, you might as well try to prevent them in advance.

Use sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Avoid tobacco as much as possible! In addition to being harmful to your health, it produces free radicals. These radicals will be harmful, they will damage your skin making it more prone to brown spots.

What care to fade them as much as possible?

Unifying Correcting Serum

An ideal serum to restore radiance and light to the complexion, while visibly reducing pigment spots.

Brightening Moisturizing Pre-Serum

Composed of hyaluronic acid, this serum will act as a real skin preparer, while moisturizing it, evening it out and brightening it! It is ideal for skin with uneven skin tone and dark spots!

Regarding the use it is very simple! It is enough to apply it in the morning and/or in the evening in the form of small massages on the face and the neck. And presto, voila!

UV Screen White 365 days

True 3 in 1, this product is perfect for your face. It acts as a lightener, anti-UV and anti-pollution! It will repair and protect skin prone to pigment spots and damaged due to external aggressions. A little extra: it will also protect the skin against premature ageing!

Apply it in the morning, on the face and neck before applying makeup!

Our tip

Using daily sun protection will be your best ally to prevent the appearance of spots. So adopt the UV Screen gesture every morning!

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