Tanning: To me the deliciously tanned complexion

Tanning: To me the deliciously tanned complexion

Preparing the skin well before exposure to the sun is essential to obtain a sublime result and an even tan. We reveal 4 simple and essential rules to have an impeccable tan this summer!


Tanning, what impact on my skin?

Tanning is a completely natural phenomenon. When the sun comes into contact with the skin, it takes on color thanks to UV rays. And to protect it, the epidermis produces melanin. Your skin is then all golden!

However, be careful not to overuse it. Excessive exposure to the sun is harmful to the skin. There are cancer risks and of premature aging skin. So be vigilant!


4 rules to know for a sublime tan

  • Protect your head

Stay too long in the sun, without protection, and you have a great chance of catching sunstroke! To avoid this, put on a hat, cap or keep your hair wet as long as possible.


  • Don't forget the sunscreen

SPF 15, 30, 40 or 50? Not easy to choose, especially when you want to tan. Know that a high sunscreen will not prevent tanning! It is there to protect your skin and prevent sunburn but you will still take beautiful colors. Moreover, the term "total screen" has been banned since 2006 on sunscreens, since no protection is total.
In addition, know that on well-protected skin, the tan will be visibly more beautiful and will last longer. Sunscreen is used several times a day, and throughout the holidays!
Anyway, you will have to put the cream back on after each swim and as soon as you expose yourself to the sun!


  • The tan preparers

Tanning preparers can be a good way to boost your tan without risk! Thanks to active tanning accelerators, your tan will appear more quickly and will be even more beautiful!


  • Choose your moments to expose yourself to the sun

You must at all costs avoid exposing yourself to direct sunlight between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. This is where UV rays are strongest, and harmful to your skin. Don't think that the hotter the sun, the faster you will tan! On the contrary, you risk burning and damaging your skin. And know that even in the shade, you will tan!


To me the tanned complexion

For a delicious tan, without false notes, remember to change position regularly . If you stay only on your stomach or on your back, your tan will not be uniform !

And most importantly, exfoliate once a week. Contrary to popular belief, it will not make the tan disappear! Far from there. It will remove dead skin and your skin will look like new. Also think about the moisturizer once or twice a day. It is the essential ally for beautiful tanned skin!

Our tip

If you have fair, sensitive skin, give self-tanner a try! It will quickly give you a tan identical to that of the sun, and without the risk of burning and premature aging of the skin.

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