Pamper sensitive skin? It's possible !

How to recognize sensitive skin?

When we talk about intolerant or sensitive skin, we are talking about a skin condition. You are not born with it, it can occur at any time in your life, once, or episodically.

The state should not be confused with the type of skin. Combination, dry or oily skin can very well become sensitive at some point.

If this is your case, you will quickly find out. This results in constant discomfort , and in many cases, tightness and redness . Far from being pleasant, it must be taken seriously, to remedy it as quickly as possible. And above all, pamper your skin with gentle and appropriate care.

If it gets worse, see a doctor or dermatologist to have your skin problem monitored.

The causes of intolerant skin

This skin sensitivity can be caused by several factors. It can be, for example, the consequence of stress or a psychologically significant event . Hormones can also be responsible. During menstruation, or during menopause, the skin frequently becomes more sensitive. And that's not all ! Hyper-sensitivity of the skin can occur as a result of an inflammatory reaction , with pollution or during seasonal changes, due to air conditioning, hot and dry air, or even wind and sun. .

Products to take care of sensitive skin

Pampering sensitive skin is essential. But it is imperative to do it with suitable products, which will treat it with all the gentleness it needs.

The Post-Peeling Repairing Care

Mainly recommended for fragile and sensitive skin, the Post-Peeling Repairing Care will turn your daily life upside down. A real 3-in-1 rebalancing treatment, it accelerates the soothing process, while calming irritations and rebalancing the hydrolipidic film. You can use it post-injections, for a reinforced effect.

Apply morning and evening, on cleansed and clean skin for 1 month, the time for cell renewal.

The Comforting Soothing Mask

This mask is to slip urgently into your toiletry bag.

Thanks to its formula rich in Porcelain Flower, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, this mask will soothe and relieve your sensitive skin. In addition to comforting your skin, this mask will hydrate it, while strengthening its defense system and protecting it from premature aging.

Complete Hypo-Sensitive Routine

For a daily routine , use the Hypo-Sensitive Cleansing Milk , Hypo-Sensitive Tonic and Hypo-Sensitive Universal Cream trio from the Hypo-Sensible line! This SOS care routine with Porcelain Flower is specially designed to soothe the most sensitive and reactive skin.

Our tip

Sensitive skin also needs to be cleaned, but be careful not to choose a stripping product! Opt for a gentle make-up remover, without soap and adapted to your skin problem.

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