How do I properly apply my face self-tanner?

Applying your face self-tanner is no small feat. And to avoid the risk of disfiguring yourself, it is essential to have the right tips. Académie reveals everything you need to know, so as not to end up with an orange face and marks on your cheeks. Big plan !

A face self-tanner, what is it?

It's the ally you need when you don't have time to bask in the sun and the boost to have looking good all year.

Ultra natural and risk-free, this miracle product will change your life. But be careful, you have to know how to apply it correctly , so as not to risk a disaster!

3 rules for applying self-tanner correctly

1- Prepare your skin

A few days before applying your face self-tanner, it is essential to exfoliate your pretty face with a gentle exfoliation.

In addition to giving you a moment of well-being, it's the best way to say goodbye to dead skin, impurities and to open pores. As a result, the self-tanner will adhere perfectly to the skin afterwards, for your greatest happiness.

Also note that without exfoliation, the effect of self-tanning will be counterproductive. Instead of the delicious tan, you risk having unsightly traces on the face. Rather unfortunate, right? So don't wait any longer: on your marks, get set, erase!

2- Hydrate your face

Once the scrub is done, you have to move on to the second step: moisturizing the skin . This is the secret to looking good and shining for sure.

Bet on an ultra nourishing cream, rich in fruit extracts. It's the best way to pamper your face in depth.

And don't forget that proper hydration isn't just about the cosmetics you use. You should also drink at least 1.5 L per day. Water, tea, herbal tea, homemade fruit juice... It's up to you to choose according to your desires!

3- Adopt the right gestures to apply the self-tanner

That's it ! It's the big day: you're about to apply your self-tanner. Take a hazelnut or a few drops in the palm of your hand, and apply it by making small circular movements . Now you have all the cards in hand to make a splash, with a perfect complexion. So don't wait any longer and click here to discover our range of self- tanners .

Our tip

Start with the T-zone, doing the forehead, then the nose and chin. Then continue the application with the cheeks, temples and neck. Softness and delicacy are the key words to succeed in this step and have a delicious tanned complexion.

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