How to choose the right self-tanner?

It is sometimes difficult to get a beautiful tan naturally. Self-tanning is therefore the ideal ally for a nice tan all year round, in the spring when you take off your tights, to prolong and intensify your summer tan or to have a radiant complexion on a special occasion.

So how do you choose the right self-tanner? Here are our secrets to help you make the right choice!

Choose by intensity

Choose your self-tanner according to the intensity

For an ultra-natural tan, choose a buildable or progressive self-tanner, ideal for fair to very fair skin.

Tinted Progressive Self-Tanning Jelly will tint your skin day after day, as naturally as the sun, thanks to its low DHA-concentrated formula. You can also opt for a buildable self-tanner like the Magic Radiance Drops to bring a light tan with just a few drops mixed with your moisturizer.

For a tan identical to that of the sun, fall for the Self-Tanning Lotion which also exists in its Mousse version and the Self-Tanning Gel . You will get a sun-kissed tan that is stunningly natural!

For a more sustained tan , opt for the Intense Lotion which will make your tan even more pronounced and deep thanks to its higher DHA content.

For a custom-made tan , try Glow Magic Drops. Simply mix the desired dose with your usual care to control the intensity of your tan as you wish. The more drops you apply, the more intense the result will be!

Choose according to the area to be targeted

Choose your self-tanner according to the area of ​​the body

For the face and the body , the Self-Tanning Lotions are ideal! They "tan" the face and parts of the body such as the legs, neckline or arms for example.

The Magic Drops are also a great 2-in-1 option if you want to tan your face and body. They mix just as well with a day cream as with a body cream!

For the face , preferably use a self-tanner such as the Tinted Self-Tanning Gel whose formula respects the skin of the face which is more delicate than that of the body. It contains plant-derived moisturizers and jojoba oil to tint the skin, while providing it with the hydration it needs.

For the body , turn to Self-Tanning Mousse or Progressive Jelly . They are very easy to apply with the Applicator Glove to reach hard-to-reach corners like the back, and naturally tan your legs before summer!

You are finally ready to choose the self-tanner of your dreams!

Our tip

The Applicator Glove! It reaches every corner of your body for a perfect and streak-free application of your self-tanner.

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