Hyaluronic Acid Cream: An Alternative to injections?

Hyaluronic Acid Cream: An Alternative to injections?

The face bears the weight of the years, with in particular wrinkles and fine lines . While some women prefer medicine or the cosmetic surgery , others are less reckless. Fortunately, there are alternatives to say goodbye to imperfections, without inflicting the needles!

Hyaluronic acid, what is it?

It's a natural element of our body, which we will find in the epidermis , in the same way as elastin. It is in particular thanks to hyaluronic acid that our skin will be supple and plump when we are young and without imperfections!

The only problem is that over the years, the amount of hyaluronic acid present in our body will decrease! And at 50, we've lost half of our stock. And since the space between the fibers of the skin is no longer closed, the wrinkles appear and are more and more visible!

Reduce wrinkles with hyaluronic acid

Lucky for you ladies, there are solutions to reduce your wrinkles! Since the 1970s, hyaluronic acid has found a prominent place in cosmetics. It can be consumed in different forms.


This is what aesthetic medicine advocates to overcome wrinkles. But the downside is that it's a little painful and the needles in the face, it's never very pleasant...

Hyaluronic acid creams or serums

Fortunately, there is an alternative to injections: hyaluronic acid creams! Not only will they prevent skin aging, but they will also help wrinkles to fade.

A great way to say goodbye to them, without resorting to medicine or cosmetic surgery!

Selection of Derm Acte products

The 4D Intensive Hydrating Serum

Composed mainly of hyaluronic acid, it is perfect for moisturize the skin in depth, it also goes smooth and fill wrinkles and fine lines .

An excellent way to separate from its complexes without needles and very gently!

The Super-Vitamined Moisturizing Cream

Thanks to the hyaluronic acid it contains, this cream will come reinforce the effects of the serum , while plumping the skin and correcting the fatigue marks !

Night Renovating Peeling Cream

This cream is ideal for smooth out fine lines and wrinkles , while improving the firmness and tone of the skin !

Wrinkle Express Filling

Rich in hyaluronic acid, this cream will come to fill upon application wrinkles and fine lines . Visible wrinkles go be instantly blurred . A little extra: it can be applied all over the face as a filling base for better makeup hold.

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