Fortifying Eyelashes: 4 tips for having fabulous eyelashes

Fortifying Eyelashes: 4 tips for having fabulous eyelashes

The look is the seductive asset of a woman par excellence. We give you all the tips to strengthen your eyelashes and have a doe look, in all circumstances! Adapted treatments, massages, adequate food... In your opinion, what should be done to have long, shiny and full eyelashes?

Eyelashes, what are they for?

Eyelashes have 3 main functions. They go :

  • Give intensity to your look . Through the eyes, we can read many expressions on a person's face: astonishment, amazement, joy... Without eyelashes, our gaze would not be the same.
  • Protect your eye from external aggressions . With wind, cold, dust or pollution, the eyes are on the front line... They absolutely need protection to avoid being affected.
  • Seduce : eyelashes add a lot of charm to our face. Who hasn't dreamed of having long eyelashes to accentuate the look? Mascara seems to be the perfect ally, but there are other tricks to fortify lashes and achieve a look to die for.

4 tips to strengthen eyelashes

1- Massage the eyelashes

You may not have guessed it, but by giving yourself a little massage, you will strengthen your eyelashes, while helping them grow faster . But be careful not to do this with just any product. You can use petroleum jelly, which is similar to castor oil, or with an eyelash conditioner .

2- Choose the right diet

If you want to grow your eyelashes naturally, you have to eat the right foods. By eating products rich in vitamin H, B or B8 , such as sardines, nuts, or even egg yolk, you will grow your eyelashes faster, while strengthening them slightly. For optimal results, you can also eat soy protein, fish or green vegetables.

We do not necessarily suspect it, but vitamins C and E are also known to strengthen the eyelashes.

3- Find the right mascara

To have beautiful eyelashes, you have to have THE right masacara!

The one that does not make a package and that will sublimate your look. But beware, masacara is a real nest of bacteria. You should wash your brush with a paper towel every 10 days and change your mascara every month.

4- Choose a gentle makeup remover

Mascara is fine, but be careful when removing make-up ! If you choose a makeup remover that is too abrasive, it can damage and cause your lashes to fall out. Instead, opt for a gentle eye makeup remover with Cornflower Water that will make removing eye makeup easier and more gentle.

5- Use appropriate products

To strengthen your eyelashes, you cannot use just any product! The eye contour is a sensitive area, it requires appropriate care.

Bet on the Intensive Eye Repair.

A real 4 in 1, this treatment will smooth the eye contour, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizing the skin and fortifying the eyelashes. Result, you will have a sumptuous look, while pampering the contour of your eyes.

For a regenerated and radiant eye contour, Sève Miracle Le Regard is what you need! In addition to illuminating your eyes, the formula of this eye contour treatment will visibly strengthen the eyelashes.

Our tip

To give your eyelashes a curled effect in the blink of an eye, apply morning and/or evening a small dab of product to the tip of your finger and pat the motionless eyelid from the inside of the eye outwards. With the surplus, place the product under the fringe of the eyelashes and gently go up along the eyelash, from bottom to top.

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