Face Scrub: The Essential Gesture for a delicious tanned complexion!

Face Scrub: The Essential Gesture for a delicious tanned complexion!

The first rays of sunshine point the tip of their nose, and we all dream of having a perfect, deliciously golden complexion. The problem is that between external aggressions, blackheads, dead skin, and pimples, it's not always easy to achieve this... This week, we're revealing the importance of face scrubs , to have a radiant complexion, in all circumstances!

Why should you exfoliate your face?

Over the days, our skin accumulates a whole heap of impurities and dead skin. And the face deserves special attention, since it is in the front line.

It is therefore essential to exfoliate regularly . Not only do they clean your face in depth and remove dead cells, but they also smooth the skin and unclog clogged pores. And that's not all ! They make it possible to considerably limit the appearance of blackheads , make your skin more beautiful and help the epidermis to regenerate while you sleep.

One thing is certain, thanks to exfoliation , you will have a radiant complexion and cleansed skin, ready to face new days.

Face scrub x tan: the perfect combo

Contrary to popular belief, a scrub doesn't make the tan disappear, it's quite the opposite.

By exfoliating your skin regularly in the summer, you will keep your tanned complexion, while restoring intensity to your tan. And for good reason, the sun, swimming and the sea considerably weaken the skin. It must therefore be thoroughly cleaned, while getting rid of dead cells.

Only problem: if your skin is sensitive or you have sunburned, wait 2 days after exposure to exfoliate. And you will see, you keep your tanned complexion much longer!

Successful exfoliation: instructions for use!

For a perfect exfoliation, you still have to know how to apply it correctly and do it at the right frequency...

Our tip

Although facial exfoliation is a real source of benefits for the skin, it should not be done every day. The effect would be counterproductive. The ideal is to do one or two exfoliations per week. It's the right compromise to pamper your skin deeply, without attacking it!

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