[Cosmetic Innovation] Discover our flagship technologies!

[Cosmetic Innovation] Discover our flagship technologies!

Did you know ? Our care products are specially designed using unique and innovative formulation technologies. These revolutionary technologies have been carefully developed by our laboratories to offer you exceptional results. Explanations!

What is Emulsion Technology [SME]?

Thanks to our constant commitment to research and development, our team of researchers has developed a revolutionary cosmetic process: Emulsion Technology [SME] – submicron encapsulation to guarantee the effectiveness and quality of our products.

How it works ?

This technology promotes and considerably increases the bioavailability of active ingredients . Incorporated into our formulas, it makes them perfectly assimilated by the skin and increases their performance.

This allows the active ingredients to penetrate even faster and deeper. Their diffusion is optimized at the heart of the cells for increased efficiency .

This method also provides the most comfortable touch and feel to our formulas. Textures of incomparable finesse with an ultra-sensory touch, without compromising the performance of the treatments. The perfect alliance between pleasure of application and result!

Find [SME] technology in our Derm Acte anti-aging dermo-cosmetic treatments :

4D Intensive Moisturizing Serum : Associated with emulsion technology, its 4 hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights penetrate deep into the heart of the epidermis for visibly plump and hydrated skin.

Multi-Correction Anti-Aging Cream : Rich in peptides, this Anti-aging cream offers stunning results on skin firmness! It restores elasticity and tone to the skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and pigment spots .

Biomimicry in cosmetics

[Eco Bio-mimetic] technology is a science based on innovation, drawing inspiration from nature and respecting the environment.

[ECO] = Ecology, Eco-system, Eco-design
[MIMETISM] = Inspiration and observation of nature

Like skin, an emulsion is made up of water and oil bound together by emulsifiers. The idea is to better preserve the skin's ecosystem (the microbiome and the skin barrier) by giving our formulas the means to adapt to it!

A bit like a second skin, our formulas mimic the natural organization of the epidermis and are thus dermo-compatible , for perfect osmosis with the skin!

Results :

Better tolerated care
Better penetration of assets
Better efficiency

Find [Eco Bio-mimetic] technology in our Académie skincare lines formulated with 98% ingredients of natural origin:

Hydraderm : Moisturizing Treatments with Apple Extract
Radiance : Healthy glow care with Apricot Extract
Sève Miracle : Anti-aging care with Iris Extract

So what do we remember?

If you want an effective skincare routine, you will be won over by our formulation technologies! It is thanks to them that key active ingredients like vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid really penetrate to the heart of the skin. Thus, our anti-wrinkle creams , our dermo-cosmetic treatments and our treatments of natural origin offer you optimal effectiveness !

Our tip

It is during the night that the skin regenerates best, so to maximize the effectiveness of your beauty routine, apply a night cream!

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