The self-tanner, not even afraid!

Are you terrified of using self-tanner? Maybe you think it will leave streaks or it won't look natural. Nay! We tell you everything to stop being afraid to apply self-tanner and get a NA-TU-REL tan!


Stop misconceptions!

When you hear the word “self-tanner”, you probably associate this idea with the color orange! And for good reason, there are a lot of received ideas about self-tanners !

Admittedly, applying self-tanner can be scary, especially if it's your first time using it. Yet there is so much more to say about self-tanners! In addition to being a safer alternative to exposure to the sun or artificial UV rays, self-tanning does not cause premature aging of the skin . So why deprive yourself of it?


Getting started with self-tanning is easy!

If you have fair skin, or are new to self-tanners, choosing the right one can seem a bit daunting. However, contrary to popular belief, self-tanning is not that difficult! You just have to choose the right formula!

Self-tanners based on Aloe vera and Jojoba oil are particularly suitable for people with fair skin. Indeed, these ingredients have moisturizing and nourishing properties that preserve the elasticity and softness of the skin, while giving it a natural, uniform and luminous tan, without unsightly marks!

Buildable or gradual self-tanners are also a good option if you're worried about applying too much. They will ensure you a result perfectly adapted to your complexion and an ultra-natural result, as if you had sunbathed!


The ideal products to get started without fear!

Radiance Magic Drops:

A few drops of Radiance Magic Drops mixed with your cream are enough to obtain a light and tailor-made tan!

Their secret? A dropper bottle that delivers the right dose of DHA (the flagship active ingredient of Bronz'Express self-tanners) for a fully adjustable result! To apply these self-tanning drops , there is no risk of using too much! The principle is to dilute the drops with your day cream or your body cream to control the intensity of your tan. 

And if you unfortunately had a heavy hand on the drops, add cream to your drops and remix to reduce the effect of the DHA! Result: you will obtain a homogeneous, natural and light result to suit the palest skin tones . We told you it was magic!


Tinted Progressive Self-Tanning Jelly:

For a progressive and natural body tan, you will fall under the spell of Tinted Progressive Self-Tanning Jelly ! Enriched with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil , this progressive self-tanner has something to seduce the most fearful! 

Thanks to its formula low in DHA , you will be sure not to overdose! Day after day, the Jelly is applied all over the body, until you obtain the intensity that suits you. When you like the result, you just have to stop the application and contemplate your tan!

So convinced by the self-tanner? Do not hesitate to get started to find a healthy glow and a natural tan all year round!

Our tip

If you are still worried about applying your self-tanner after these tips, do not hesitate to do a test on a small part of your body before starting!

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