Make-up removal: instructions for use!

To have a pretty face all day long, our skin needs softness and rest. It is imperative to make makeup removal a priority and to let the skin breathe while you sleep. Explanations!

Make-up removal, an essential step!

This is one of the most important steps in your beauty routine ! Of course, if you forget two or three times a year, it's not dramatic, but no more!

Whether you ask a doctor, a dermatologist or even a makeup artist; They will all tell you the same thing: make-up removal , it is the essential gesture for stay young and have beautiful skin . You have to take the time to remove makeup residue from your face. Otherwise, the consequences on your skin can be dramatic. So save your skin and remove your makeup daily.

I forgot to remove my makeup, is it serious doctor?

Forgetting to remove make-up is age your skin at high speed , when you could avoid it altogether.

During the day, your skin faces a whole host of external aggressions. Your face accumulates dust, pollution, humidity... It is therefore essential to remove make-up in the evenings, to remove impurities from the face, and fall asleep with perfectly clean skin.

In addition, makeup residue will considerably damage your skin and give you a grayish appearance. You risk catching redness, and seeing your pores expand . And believe me, you don't want to!!

So take off your make-up every night! This gesture will not take you much time and you will have good looks , effortlessly! The game is worth the candle, right?

Why opt for micellar water?

Ideal for all skin types and different types of make-up, micellar water will become your daily beauty ally. Without dye, it will deeply cleanse your face, while eliminating makeup residue, even waterproof. She treats the skin and eye contour with gentleness and respect.

Little more, concerning the use, it is very simple. Just put a pump on a cotton ball. Cleanse your face and neck. You repeat the operation until the cotton is perfectly clean. Then remember to dry your skin well.

The indispensable

For complete and perfect make-up removal, double cleansing is ideal. Use a Cleansing Milk or Micellar Water , then cleanse your skin with water and a Cleansing Gel to remove the last residues of make-up. And to perfect make-up removal, have the tonic reflex! Toning lotions soothe the skin and rid it of hard water residues.
Now all you have to do is remove your make-up every night, let your skin breathe while you sleep, and voila, you're done! You will have a radiant complexion, and visibly younger!

Our tip

By laziness or forgetfulness: 1 woman out of 4 does not remove makeup in the evening before joining the arms of Morpheus. To avoid drama on your skin when you wake up, put your make-up remover and a few cotton pads on your bedside table!

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