The body scrub: the essential to keep your tan longer!

The body scrub: the essential to keep your tan longer!

Between the swimming pool, the chlorine, the sea, the salt, the sun and the summer, our skin is put to the test. It is therefore imperative to pamper it in depth, by making scrubs and moisturizing daily. It's the best way to keep your tan as long as possible. Explanations!

Body scrub: the why and how!

The beautiful days are coming and your complexion is already starting to look deliciously tanned. Only problem: you hesitate to make your exfoliation , for fear of losing your pretty colors.

Rest assured ! Contrary to what one might think, exfoliate your skin does not make the tan disappear. It's even the complete opposite! A good exfoliation helps the epidermis to renew itself, while getting rid of dead cells and impurities. It is also the best way to prolong your tan , while giving you a pleasant moment of well-being, just for you.

For an optimal result, the ideal would be to make one exfoliation per week , with a gentle body scrub. The goal is to cleanse your skin, without stripping it. Your skin must be pampered with tenderness and delicacy.

Manual !

Now that you are convinced by the benefits of exfoliation; all you have to do is make one. But you still have to know how to go about it...

When to do your body scrub?

How to do it ?

Mastering a good exfoliation is an art!

Start by putting a dab of exfoliating product in the palm of your hand. Then, apply it on clean and slightly damp skin. Then make small circular movements to scrub your skin. But be careful, the goal is not to rub it, at the risk of damaging the tissues and irritating you.

Once you've done your whole body, rinse with warm water to remove product residue. And finish with a final jet of cool water to tone your body.

Which product to choose?

The body scrub no longer holds any secrets for you. So, all that remains is to choose the one you will apply to your skin…

But with the multitude of products that can be found in pharmacies, supermarkets or on the internet, it is not always easy to make a choice.

If you want to sublimate your body, without taking your head: bet on a exfoliating shower gel . This 2 in 1 will change your life. Not only does it gently cleanse your skin, but in addition, thanks to its exfoliating beads and fruit acids, it eliminates dead cells and impurities. It's an excellent way to prolong your tan, while pampering your skin for a long time.

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