Anti-UV protection: The daily gesture to adopt

Regardless of the weather, we are constantly exposed to UV rays from the sun. And if they are allies of choice for a delicious tanned complexion, they can also be very harmful for the skin. So which anti-UV protection should you choose to pamper your skin?

A UV ray, what is it?

Discovered by German physicist Johann Wilhelm Ritter in 1801, it is electromagnetic radiation. It's a bit technical, but its wavelength is between that of light and that of X-rays.

In our society, nearly 5% of solar energy is emitted through UV rays. If we love them, it's because thanks to them, we look good and have golden skin in summer. However, they can also be extremely harmful.

There are three types of UV:

UV-C, which does not reach the surface of the earth because it is absorbed by the ozone layer and the atmosphere. They would also make life impossible on earth, and are mainly used for their sterilizing properties.

UV-B, which is partly filtered by the atmosphere and only penetrates the superficial layers of the skin. They are responsible for burns, sunburn, and also play, like UV-A, a role in the premature aging of the skin.

UV-A rays penetrate the deep layers of the skin and alter our cells in the long term. They accelerate the premature aging of the skin with the appearance of wrinkles and pigment spots.

When should you protect yourself from ultraviolet rays?

When you're in the middle of August, it's 30 degrees outside and the sun is shining brightly, you immediately think of protecting your skin from UV rays. You instinctively put on sunglasses and sunscreen.

But when the sky is overcast and the weather isn't very nice, what do you do?

Well there too you should protect your skin, since UV rays also pass through clouds, windows, and even clothing.

It is therefore necessary to use anti-UV protection all year round, whether there is sun or not.

UV protection: which product to choose?

To properly and durably protect your skin, you have to choose suitable products that will pamper your skin while moisturizing it.

High Protection Hydrating Fluid SPF 30

This daily care is ideal for skin lacking vitality and radiance. Not only does it help protect the skin from pollution and the sun's rays, but it also fights against premature aging of the epidermis. Its formula is equipped with vectors capable of reaching their target with precision to gradually distill real concentrates of technology.

Indeed, a vitamin E complex and a vitamin C derivative are encapsulated in microcapsules of marine DNA, which open on contact with UV to release these two vitamins and thus neutralize the activity of free radicals. Intelligent technology that generates skin protection on demand.

An ally of choice to slip into your emergency toiletry bag!

For best results, apply to the face and décolleté, taking care to avoid the eye area.

Our tip

We each have a sun capital which constitutes, according to the definition of the CRNS, all the means of defense of the skin against the harmful effects of the sun. When this is exhausted, the slightest exposure can cause significant damage. This is why it is essential to protect your skin.

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