Night care: The benefits for the skin

Day care, night care: are you lost? Are you wondering why not use your day cream as a night care? Do not panic, we tell you all about the differences between these two treatments and the benefits of a night care for the skin.

Day care, night care, what are the differences?

day creams

Day creams are above all formulated to help the skin defend itself against all external aggressions (pollution, UV, dust, etc.) and thus prevent premature ageing, dryness or even skin irritation.

Whether it's care for dry or oily skin, anti-wrinkle or radiance care, there are generally protective and antioxidant active ingredients that help strengthen the skin barrier and fight against free radicals. But above all, they all have a moisturizing action to maintain an optimal level of hydration at the heart of the epidermis. Protected and well hydrated, the skin is less prone to small tightness and feelings of discomfort . It is more radiant and full of vitality!

As you will have understood, a day care is therefore more suited to our diurnal rhythm. Difficult to do without! In addition, it also contributes to a better hold of makeup and gives a boost to the radiance of the complexion.

night creams

The night cream will generally provide more intense hydration and nutrition to comfort the skin.

But it will also help repair the damage caused during the day, detoxify it from all the accumulated impurities and provide it with all the nutrients it needs to recharge.

It is an essential ritual if you have anti-aging concerns.

Why and how does our skin promote its regeneration at night?

Unlike during the day, the skin is much less subject to external aggressions and benefits from more tranquility. And as the body is well made: the mechanisms of regeneration and repair therefore accelerate at this precise moment: at night.

Cell division increases. According to one study, this process peaks at 1 a.m. Indeed, the stem cells of the epidermis are able to self-regenerate and multiply ad infinitum.

They divide into two and some rise to the surface of the skin and then disappear, thus forming the stratum corneum.

This is why some night creams often contain active ingredients such as fruit acids or glycolic and salycilic acid, which will exfoliate the superficial layer of the skin to facilitate cell regeneration, giving way to new, smooth and luminous skin. .

In addition, the night is also the period conducive to the activation of microcirculation to provide the energy necessary for cell renewal.

Sleeping well helps the skin regenerate . Lack of sleep therefore hinders the process of cell renewal. Respecting your biological rhythm and your need for hours of sleep is as essential for our well-being as it is for our skin.

Why is it advisable to use a night cream?

Night care is often richer. The smoother and more nutritious texture is perfectly suited to the epidermis' nocturnal activity.

The night care is also more concentrated in repairing and regenerating active ingredients for optimal effectiveness during the most active phase of cell regeneration, leaving the skin softer, well nourished and repaired in the early morning.

If you want to obtain an optimal result, it is better then to adapt your routine by using a night cream.

When to apply a night care?

A night care is applied after removing make-up and cleansing the skin. We know that clean skin ages less quickly than skin that is never cleansed. This step is also important in the evening because it will remove impurities and aggressors from the skin, such as makeup for example, and let the skin breathe. Besides, do you know how to remove your make-up?

Clean skin, cell renewal will be able to operate more easily.

After this crucial step, you can apply a pre-serum and a serum that will help boost the effectiveness of your night care.

Which night care to choose?

The Night Renovating Peeling Cream has been specially designed to help the regeneration and repair of the skin, night after night.

Ideal for skin lacking in radiance, marked with wrinkles and fine lines, and devitalised, its dual renovating action exfoliates the skin on the surface to remove dead cells and smooth it.

This cream is enriched with salycilic acid, which has exfoliating and soothing properties and rids the upper layers of the epidermis of impurities and dead cells. The skin is smoother, firmer and more toned.

Rose Night Infusion is another option to repair the skin overnight. This rich and nourishing cream has a melting texture for sensory application and stunning results.

Our tip

Our cells regenerate 3 times faster at night. It is therefore the ideal time to apply a serum rich in active ingredients before applying your night cream!

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