How to fight against sagging skin?

With age and the weight of the years, the skin relaxes naturally. It's not always a pretty sight. But do not panic ! There are tips to fight against skin aging and sagging skin. Big plan !

Sagging skin, what is it exactly?

This is a completely natural phenomenon and unfortunately, irreversible. Like the body, over the years, the skin ages and slackens. THE Elastin fibers , which allow the skin to be firm, are less and less present and the production of collagen decreases .

In fact, with age, the body functions more slowly, your body and your face bear the traces of this relaxation. But fortunately, there are tips to delay the aging of the skin as much as possible.

Anticipating skin aging

When you're young, you don't worry about wrinkles, fine lines and aging skin. However, from 20-25 years old, you have to maintain your skin and take care of it. Of course, it will age all the same, it is in the order of things, but much less quickly.

But if you do nothing. And that in addition, you consume tobacco and alcohol regularly and that you have a busy rhythm, you risk seeing the first wrinkles appear from the age of 30! Ouch!

If you cannot prevent skin aging, you can use preventive care to anticipate it and delay it as much as possible.

Change is at 40

From the age of 40, the epidermis loses support proteins leading to the appearance of wrinkles and a loss of firmness. To fight against sagging skin, our Laboratories have created the Youth Active Lift line. Treatments concentrated in ingredients of natural origin, with silky textures with a lifting effect, which act on sagging skin. The oval of the face is reshaped and the skin visibly firmer.

Contrary to popular belief, sagging skin does not only affect the face. There are also arms, chest, lower abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Must therefore take care of your whole body and have a healthy lifestyle that you can supplement with collagen-based food supplements. In this way, you can delay the aging of your skin as much as possible. And you will see, you will not regret it!

Know that this phenomenon affects both men and women. Everyone should pamper their skin and body!

Anti-sagging creams

To take care of yourself, you can opt for the Multi correction Anti-Aging Cream . Ideal for skin lacking firmness and elasticity, it will firm the skin, while unifying the complexion, protecting the skin and smoothing wrinkles. As a result, your face will regain its radiance and youth!

For a targeted effect on the neck, double chin and décolleté, opt for a targeted treatment such as Crème Lift Regalbante Cou & Décolleté.

And if you like being taken care of, treat yourself to a premium salon treatment ! A specialist will reduce your wrinkles and fight against sagging skin, to give you a radiant and visibly younger look. All you have to do is choose your institute and you're done!

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