Complexion Radiance: How to look good for sure?

The tan begins to disappear, fatigue and stress return... It's not easy to look good every day! Here are all the tips to maintain the radiance of the complexion and have a pretty face all year round!

Why do we have a dull complexion?

Do you realize that for the past few days, your complexion has been gray? Don't panic, you are not alone. Between the stress of everyday life, the accumulation of fatigue and external aggressions (heat, wind, cold, pollution, etc.) the face becomes dull. To remedy this, cleanse your skin morning and evening! And follow the 5 tips!


5 tips for a radiant complexion

Looking good doesn't happen by snapping your fingers! Here are some tips to bring brightness to your face and make a splash for sure!

1. Make a scrub

The radiance of the complexion depends on clean, cleansed skin. As the day goes on, the skin accumulates a whole lot of residue, which ends up making us look tired. Once a week, it is imperative to do a exfoliation , to exfoliate the skin and remove impurities.

2. Opt for masks once a week

Removing impurities is essential! But you also have to think about hydrate your skin in depth ! Make yourself a moisturizing mask once a week, so that your skin does not dry out.

3. Drink water

Radiance also depends on hydration. And drinking 1.5 liters a day is necessary for our body to have a luminous complexion and beautiful skin! A little extra: the water will help make dark circles disappear. Pretty good, right?

4. Choose the right foods

A radiant complexion requires adequate food! Favor warm-coloured fruits and vegetables, such as melon, mangoes, tomatoes… Rich in beta carotene, they will give you a deliciously golden glow. Also think about foods rich in Omega 3, such as fish or seafood! They will protect your cell walls.

5. Sleep well

You may not have thought of it, but sleep is one of the keys to looking good . Indeed, the epidermis regenerates during the night. And it is essential to sleep rather than party until 5 am, to have a beautiful skin.

But if you do nothing. And that in addition, you consume tobacco and alcohol regularly and that you have a busy rhythm, you risk seeing the first wrinkles appear from the age of 30! Ouch!


Complexion radiance: creams for a healthy glow

The Super-Vitamined Moisturizing Cream

Rich in vitamins B5, E and F as well as in hyaluronic acid , this cream is a real 3 in 1. It plumps up the skin, visibly corrects signs of fatigue while moisturizing the skin throughout the day! Perfectly adapted to dehydrated skin and in lack of suppleness, it will give you back the radiance you need.

12h Radiance Serum

Your radiance booster rich in apricot extract for 12 hours of radiance! Complete the routine with the Radiance line to restore your skin to its natural radiance.

Illuminating Unifying Cream

Does your complexion lack uniformity? Pigmentation spots and blemishes just have to watch out! Day after day, this cream will restore light and radiance to your complexion.

Our tip

For even more radiance, bet on self-tanning drops like the Magic Radiance Drops. They simply mix with your day cream for 365 days of good looks!

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