What is DHA?

The key ingredient in the composition of Bronz'Express self-tanners, DHA deserves to be highlighted. Behind the acronym DHA hides Dihydroxyacetone, the essential component of Bronz'Express self-tanners.

How it works ?

Unlike natural tanning which acts on melanocytes and stimulates the production of melanin, DHA acts on the keratin of the horny layers of the skin, its outermost part and its use does not present any risk since it does not penetrate the deep layers. of the epidermis. You tan without sun and get a natural tan.

It is thanks to what is called the "Maillard reaction" that DHA gives you a pretty golden complexion: on contact with it, the amines, peptides and amino acids of the skin take on their color. As DHA only colors the stratum corneum of the epidermis, the artificial tan it creates fades just as naturally as the tan obtained by the sun.

If it is recommended to exfoliate the day before applying your self-tanner , it is to rid the skin of dead cells so that the DHA acts evenly and gives you a harmonious tan.
To get a nice even tan, there are other essential tips before applying a self-tanner.

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