Collagen: essential for our body!

Have you heard of collagen? In beauty, it is an essential substance to stay young. But what is it for? And what is its role in the body? We tell you everything, so that he no longer has any secrets for you!

Collagen, what is it?

It's a fibrous protein 100% natural, present in our body. It is found mainly in muscles, skin, but also tendons and bones. It is a kind of shell, which protects humans and animals, while keeping the tissues healthy. It represents, all the same, on its own, 30% of the proteins present in the body. Pretty good, right?

What is its role in the body?

Collagen has a dual function . Not only does it fix calcium on the bones. This considerably limits the risk of joint failure and of having osteoarthritis. But in addition, it helps the tissues of the epidermis to regenerate, which helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin. It is thanks to it that your skin is hydrated and supple, in all circumstances!

You may suspect it, but without a shell, your body would be much more fragile.

And in food

If you are not a fan of injections or anti-wrinkle creams with collagen, you can boost it through your diet. The ideal is to consume foods that are both rich in vitamins and minerals, such as walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds. As for vegetables, bet on broccoli, spinach or beets. They might not be your favorites, but it's for a good cause.

Yes, as they say, you have to suffer to be beautiful!

The problem is that from the age of 35, the production of collagen decreases considerably. On average, each year, there is 1% of the collagen produced by the body, which is no longer. And from the age of 50, this phenomenon becomes even more accentuated… So pamper your collagen, as much as possible, before it goes away!!

The benefits of collagen

In aesthetics

You are surely familiar with hyaluronic acid injections, but have you thought about doing those of collagen ?

They are based on bovine collagen . These are extracts from deceased cows, either from the carcass or from the skin. Generally, the injections are done on the face to to smooth out wrinkles , or on the mouth, to plump up the lips. The only catch is that as the body absorbs the collagen, the effects last about 3 months . For an effective result, it is necessary to repeat injections regularly.

In cosmetics

In cosmetics, it is not in the form of injections that you will find collagen, but directly in your anti-wrinkle creams, to make your skin visibly smoother. And it is marine collagen that is used. It is a protein extracted from the food industry, generally from the skin of fish or shrimp.

Obviously, the effects will not be as beneficial as when our organism produces it, but you will feel the slowing down of skin aging.

Intensive Wrinkle Correcting Serum

Rich in hyaluronic acid, this serum is ideal for skin prone to wrinkles, lacking firmness, tone and radiance. It smoothes wrinkles, while providing an immediate lifting effect.

Apply it morning and/or evening on cleansed skin, massaging lightly.

Marine Collagen Ampoules

This intensive 7-day cure of marine collagen for a radical anti-aging effect. Its tensor power and its concentration act on the restructuring process of the skin. Highly concentrated and of marine origin, soluble native collagen has moisturizing and restorative properties on the skin's micro-relief. It reinforces the hydration of the skin in order to maintain its tone and suppleness. The skin regains firmness and radiance.

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