The tricks to camouflage your frown lines without cosmetic surgery

The tricks to camouflage your frown lines without cosmetic surgery

Do you keep frowning? Be careful, you risk seeing your frown lines appear sooner than expected! How to delay his arrival? What tips to camouflage it without cosmetic surgery? We tell you everything!

The lion's wrinkle, what is it?

The lion's wrinkle, also called expression wrinkle , is located between the eyebrows , in the region called the glabella. Voted the most famous ride, she's the one who gives you a severe side , even a little nervous.

It is due to two things: muscle contractions and age . By dint of contracting your eyebrows, the skin will bend mechanically . And over the years, the skin loses its elasticity , and the dermis can no longer return to its shape.

Fortunately, there are tricks to delay their onset where the camouflage . But anyway, you can't avoid them !

Delaying the appearance: it is possible!

The pollution and the UV rays have disastrous effects on our skin, which can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Opt for simple gestures , to delay their arrival as much as possible.

Facial massages

It may seem absurd to you, and yet... In you massaging the forehead at the level of the lion's wrinkle, from the age of 25 , you will be able to considerably delay its appearance. The goal of the exercise is to relax your muscles as much as possible to to avoid them muscle contractions . The only problem is that it's a little restrictive! For an effective result, it is necessary to massage a ten times a day , a few seconds.

Have a healthy lifestyle

Regularly hydrating your skin by eating healthy and sleeping at least 8 hours per night, you will be able to fight against the appearance of early wrinkles and in particular lion's wrinkle . Do not hesitate to consume as many foods high in antioxidants like green vegetables, tomatoes and nuts!

wear eyeglasses

The glasses go rest your eyes . By avoiding them to force, you frown less and delay the appearance of frown lines on your face.

How to camouflage it without cosmetic surgery?

Once your frown lines is here , or it starts to make an appearance , don't worry! There are serums and techniques to camouflage it, without having to go at the cosmetic surgeon .

Express Wrinkle Filling treatment

Particularly suitable at the lion's wrinkle and to those of the face, this care will come Instantly fill in fine lines and wrinkles of your face, which make you complex. And that's not all ! They will be considerably blurred and attenuated with time.

This treatment will take pride of place in your beauty routine!

Our tip

There are serums and techniques to camouflage, without having to go to the plastic surgeon.

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