Mastering the art of mixology in cosmetics

Looking to spice up your routine? Take a look at the endless possibilities of mixology to never get tired of your beauty routine again!


Create new experiences!

If you were looking for a fun and creative way to take care of your skin differently, you will quickly succumb to the art of mixology!

How it works ?

In cosmetics, mixology consists of mixing different treatments to create a new, tailor-made formula. This technique is ideal for personalizing your skincare routine and obtaining results adapted to your preferences. For example, you can mix a cleansing gel with a cleansing foam to experience a different sensation when removing makeup.

In addition to giving a touch of originality to your beauty routine, mixology can help you feel more motivated to take care of your skin every day!


The secret to mastering the art of mixology

Mixology is above all a fun and creative method to explore new combinations of products that change from the ordinary. So do not hesitate to play the apprentice chemist, you will be surprised! Dare to mix textures and experiment with different blends to discover new ways to take care of your skin and live new skincare experiences.


Our favorite mixology duos

Tested and approved, these mixology duos will add a breath of fresh air to your make-up removal routine !


With this make-up remover duo, you won't want to miss the make-up removal step! Mix a pump of foam with a pump of cleansing milk and give your skin a moment of incredible softness, both airy and velvety... Ideal for pampering sensitive skin !


How about taking advantage of your make-up removal routine to exfoliate your skin ? Mix a little scrub with your make-up remover foam and discover a new texture for a fluid and fast scrub. This duo will leave your skin clean and radiant, like after a scrub!


A little balm and scrub are enough for 2-in-1 make-up removal! The ultra-comfortable texture of the balm mixed with the grains of the scrub allow for ultra-pleasant make-up removal . The skin is deeply cleansed and gently exfoliated!


The art of mixology is a fun and creative way to take care of your skin.

So why not try to find the perfect blend? You might be surprised how much difference this little bit of creativity can make in your skincare routine!

Our tip

Make-up removal is 40% of beautiful skin! We can never repeat it enough, but the make-up removal step is essential to eliminate not only make-up, but also impurities (sebum, pollution, etc.) accumulated throughout the day!

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